The Smith Lab at Wesleyan University has an immediate opening for a postdoc. We have developed recently the Kinetic Ensemble theoretical framework that allows us to rigorously model how many types of motion affect the Nuclear Overhauser Effect (NOE), which is foundational to NMR-based structure determination. We have shown that approximations made in traditional NOE-based structure determination can result in significant underfitting of the data. We would like to now extend this methodology to enable direct refinement of highly accurate protein ensembles using leading biomolecular modeling software packages.

We are seeking an individual with programming experience in a compiled language like C++ who will create and apply next-generation NOE restraints using the Kinetic Ensemble methodology. Together with advanced NOE peak integration using our FitNMR software package, the overall goal is to develop a fully quantitative pipeline to generate the most accurate solution ensembles of proteins to date. We hope this will advance the field of NMR structure determination and yield insights into how the solution state dynamics of proteins at the atomic level differ from those found in crystals 

Suitable candidates are encouraged to contact Colin Smith to apply and/or discuss this opportunity. Please see the official job posting for additional information. Individuals having demonstrated experience with high-performance programming in the context of a large existing codebase are especially well-suited for this position.

Prospective postdocs interested in working on other projects are encouraged to apply for their own funding. Please contact Colin Smith for further information and help formulating a proposal. Researchers currently located in Germany are eligible to apply for a Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship, as Colin Smith is a former fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Graduate Students

Students interested in doing PhD research in the Smith Lab should apply to either the Chemistry or Molecular Biology and Biochemistry graduate programs at Wesleyan University.

Undergraduate Students

Students wishing to do undergraduate research in the Smith Lab are encouraged to attend lab meetings and talk to current members of the lab to find out more. People with interest in computational research and methods development are especially encouraged to join.